If music is the language of love, then whatever is happening between Tiwa Savage and Wizkid started with them talking to each in sentences in the form of Afropop songs produced by Spellz and colourful music videos of the variety that paints two singers as a seamless duo.
Over the last few weeks, since their body language during a joint performance at GidiFest in April turned a few heads, rumours of the two dating have developed from mere whispers into a full-blown conspiracy theory.
The artists themselves have not exactly done anything to calm the reports.
The timeline of references to the rumoured relationship starts with our puzzled reactions when Wizkid posted multiple photos of Mummy Jam Jam on Instagram on the latter’s birthday.
Then GidiFest happened.
Since then, D-Prince, Tiwa Savage’s label mate at Mavin Records has described them as “Mr and Mrs” in an Instagram comment.
Last week, when Wizkid responded to a Davido tweet, writing “I am looking for a sister”. David wrote ” Tiwa our sister” » .
All that’s left now is Youtube ads confirming the relationship.
It’s pretty obvious that the popularity enjoyed by both artists, coupled with their well-documented individual histories with the opposite sex and in Tiwa’s case, marriage, have made this a more alluring conversation that it would have been otherwise.
The chances of a Tiwa and Wiz union also present an exciting prospect for fans who are loyal to the government of Starboy and nurse teenage fantasies of Tiwa.
They seem like a pairing we’d want to root for except, for all the good music that they have made together and their influence, Wizkid and Tiwa are not the power couple we want.
Starboys and Older Women
The first reason is the most obvious.
Reports claim that Tiwa Savage was born in 1980, a decade before 27-year-old Wizkid, who was born in July 1990.
The two icons are representative of a generation that has been described as progressive, but for the most part, ours is a deeply religious and conservative society.
 Our daddies and mummies may not mind Wizkid’s tattoos or Tiwa’s random displays of raunchy melanin-driven pizzazz, but a relationship between a young heartthrob and Tiwa Savage, who is technically still married, will be a hard meal to digest for a fair percentage of their fans. 

      After an intial rough split in 2016, followed by efforts at reconciliation, Tiwa Savage is reportedly on her way out of a marriage that had many allegations of infidelity and a lot of public finger-pointing.As an artiste who has serially portrayed herself as the alpha female, news of the impending divorce was not entirely shocking.On the other hand, Wizkid is the poster child for young wealth and youthful exuberance. At 26, his three kids from different mothers, including his manager » , is a side eye to how much restraint he exerts when he wishes.*wink*Getting seriously involved with Wizkid does not do many favours for Tiwa Savage’s image.

Without the burden of romantic involvement, Wizkid’s breakneck lifestyle eases into a something more harmless next to her more experienced image; which explains why it was easy to digest them as peers. As lovers, they would be in dire contrast to each other.There’s also the small fact that in situations like this, we tend to transfer our perception of these artistes among each other. What this means is we could see a more sober Wizkid or a street-wear sporting, free-spirited Tiwa.Wizkid has all the time to make a behavioural transition that would fit his trajectory, odds are that Tiwa doesn’t have that much room in an industry where the ceiling is much lowerfor women.Ultimately the question of whether the two are the couple we need is another matter entirely.
Greater than the sum of its parts
The difference in age could turn out to be a bonus point. Tiwa and Wiz will force most Nigerians to confront the questions that have defined such relationships as social taboos and hopefully raise important conversations on the topic.
By God and Spellz, there’s the promise of fire music. Tiwa and Wiz know how to crack a jam. The two have collaborated twice, on ” BAD” off Tiwa Savage’s R.E.D album and ” Ma Lo ” off her Sugarcane EP . Who’s to say the two can’t take it up a notch and give us a project worthy of the… union?
That Wiz and Tiwa could be one of the biggest power couples in entertainment is pretty obvious; together, they have the capacity to transcend their present levels of pop stardom. It could turn out to be just what they need at this point.
Together, their influence shpuld be strong enough to withstand the cultural constructs that may make their relationship awkward. When the novelty wears off, we’ll all just un-look and let them carry on with their lives.
Tiwa and Wiz seem set to be the pairing that defines the human side of this era in Nigerian music.                                             if things go as most people suspect,they are, it will be the case of a union thats greater than the sum of its parts..

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