Being a youth is something that is intriguing to everyone across all ages. Whether one is in the teenage bracket or an elderly person, the period of life when one is a youth is when life is at its apex. That’s the age when victims ensure that they try everything out. Be it smoking, drinking, riding, swimming, copulating, and falling in love all the way to achieving financial success. The teenagers do crave to join the bandwagon not knowing whatever is awaiting them. It is like the beginning of a new life different from the life led all through childhood. The elderly who successfully crossed the bridge of being a youth are accomplices of everything they went through. Others wish they go back to that period while others don’t even wish to remember all about it.
In life, the dangerous stage to go through is being a youth and the whole process. Without proper guidance, great mistakes can be accomplished easily especially in this our current century. These are mistakes that probably won’t be forgotten to the deathbed. As individuals get into this stage of life, they have a lot of expectations in mind. The expectations range from getting a good job, good house and a good life partner. A good number of folks in this age live as if there is no tomorrow which isn’t that bad depending on how they apply it. This is because a very small number do plan strategically for life as a whole. Their point of view is like tomorrow will just take care of itself.
Am approaching my last stages of being a youth which makes me a living experience of everything I am saying. I have been through everything that any youth is going through or about to go through. At this point, several errors and mistakes are made and I think as a youth, you just have to be praying to your supernatural Almighty or else you must practice self control so as not to fall under fatal mistakes. Many individuals get to the wrong dimension unknowingly since life has no manual. The manual available are the parents who don’t know much while a few other parents are ignorant to the lives of their children. So a majority of teenagers and youths rely on their friends and peers for instructions on how to live. They do this without remembering that both of them and their peers are undergoing the same thing. Those who are smart enough always rely on the digital perspective where they subscribe and follow sites, social networks and blogs for advice on how to live successful lives. I think this helps since most authors of websites do share what they have experienced in life and show how to avoid the mistakes they made.
Just like most of the youths, I went through my high school life successfully since the objective there was strictly academic success. It was a boarding school of only a single gender so for that reason, I managed to avoid inter-gender chaos about various issues. On joining campus, everything was different. Life there was a new one with minimal instructions about daily routine and the parents too were not so involved if not just the financial back-up. If I say that campus had freedom then that would be an understatement. Almost every student did apply for loans to provide for both daily expenses and fee payment. Since I was from a middle-class family with almost all my brothers and sisters employed, I didn’t have to go for the loan. Right now I am well-off since I have no unpaid financial debts. I had a very close friend known as Tom whom we had been through similar academic institutions since Kindergarten all the way to campus as a matter of coincidence. I knew that probably we would be employed in the same organization after campus but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.
So in our life through campus, Tom was of different aspirations in life as compared to me. I was that type of dude who had to think more than twice before I could decide to do something. On the other hand, my pal Tom was a trial and error type of dude. We attended lectures together due to the fact that we chose the same course. Coming to our lifestyles, drinking was Toms’ thing which he did without moderation while I wasn’t. Just to mention a thing about our love life, I had girlfriends who we broke up occasionally due to reasons best known to me. The relationships I had were somehow mature with laid out foundation and included real love together with affection. At times it felt like it was to culminate into lifelong marriage. My friend on the other hand informed me since our times in high school that marriage wasn’t his thing but he actually loved ladies. I thought he was joking about it but it eventually affected him. That’s why I would advise you to watch the words you utter since there are high chances of them coming true.

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